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They cannot leave because they still have a customer.One is anxious to get home to his wife, while the other sympathizes with the old man sitting at the table.Hemingway also showed this in the story's setting, which was used as a symbol for a sense of order, for it was late, the cafe was empty, and the men there were at ease....

This story is very mysterious just as A Rose for Emily.

Both stories are told in an omniscient point of view.

[tags: A Clean, Well-Lighted Place Essays] - Every piece of published work in literature is open to interpretation, and every person is entitled to have opinions, assumptions, and viewpoint.

In a story shorter than 1,500 words, Ernest Hemingway’s A Clean, Well-Lighted Place has garnered serious debate and criticism.

[tags: A Clean Well-Lighted Place Essays] - The Powerful Images of Hemingway's A Clean, Well-Lighted Place The main focus of "A Clean, Well-Lighted Place" is on the pain of old age suffered by a man that we meet in a cafe late one night.

Hemingway contrasts light and dark to show the difference between this man and the young people around him, and uses his deafness as an image of his separation from the rest of the world.While reading the story I thought that the girls who came into the store were merely looking for attention....[tags: A Clean Well-Lighted Place Essays] - A Clean Well-Lighted Place A Clean, Well-Lighted Place by Ernest Hemingway looks at age from the viewpoint of an inexperienced and experienced individual, with the aid of an old man to emphasize the difference between the two. The caf is clean, pleasant, and well lighted, which brings some kind of comfort to the atmosphere.A Rose for Emily begins off telling us that Miss Emily has now died and people have come to her funeral....[tags: A Clean Well Lighted Place] - Yearning for Peace in Hemingway's A Clean, Well-Lighted Place While Hemingway's short story "A Clean, Well-Lighted Place" is usually interpreted as an intensely poetic description of despair, it can with equal validity be seen instead as mankind's never ending yearning to find spiritual peace.I’d never thought of looking for plot in things like patterns.My reaction to "A & P" is mixed because I disagree with the main character being a hero (as Updike intended).It's a story of two waiters working late one night in a cafe.Their last customer, a lonely old man getting drunk, is their last customer.Without realizing it, they are discussing the meaning of life.I believe that the story takes place during WWI in Spain....


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    A Clean Well Lighted Place by Ernest Hemingway “A Clean, Well-Lighted Place” “A Clean, Well-Lighted Place,” was written in 1933, by Ernest Hemingway. The main characters in the story are two waiters, one old, one young and an older man who is their customer in the cafe on the evening the story takes place.…

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    A Clean Well Lighted Place 4 Pages 1080 Words. The clean well-lighted café has a much deeper meaning for the old man and mature waiter than it does for the younger waiter. It represents a familiar, comforting, secure environment where even an older person can maintain a sense of dignity. The darkness represents loneliness.…

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    In 1959 controversy about the dialogue in “A Clean, Well-Lighted Place” began when two critics noted a few confusing and illogical passages of conversation between the two waiters. Hemingway rarely identified the speaker of each line of dialogue, and confusion ensued about which character was speaking each line.…

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