A Level Art & Design Coursework

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Compare and contrast our A Level Specification with the other major examination boards and find out why Eduqas is the best choice for your student Compare Specifications Latest Resource Drawing for different purposes This document contains visuals to support good practice across the titles with regards to drawing for different purposes.

Connect with teachers via our online networking map The aim is to create an interactive map to support centres wishing to share experiences and ideas online and face-to-face.

Preparation for this starts in January and leads to a 15 hour exam.

You will need to buy a Department Kit of materials, although the department will supply most of what you need to create your own work. You are also expected to have access to a digital camera, i Pod, i Phone or similar, capable of being used with downloadable apps.

Students will be familiarised with a range of artistic techniques, mediums of expression and materials on 2-D media such as drawing, painting and print making, to name a few.

Ideas will be researched and developed in light of specific contexts studied from various information sources, the expression of which will be developed into a portfolio over time using a suitable combination of methods, materials and media.

You will have four lessons each week and, in addition, you are required to do a further three hours homework or independent study.

During the first year the emphasis is upon developing practical skills through a tutor led series of projects.

Students may also find entry-level work as animators, special effects artists or visual artists.

This is a basic course focused on the design process and provides students with a general vocabulary of visual arts and design.


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