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When students take full responsibility and engage themselves in their own learning in order to reach his or her own ultimate goal, everybody wins.

When students take full responsibility and engage themselves in their own learning in order to reach his or her own ultimate goal, everybody wins.

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Therefore, they need to learn and look carefully through it all and get the “good stuff.

” This ocean-wide of information and current vault of technology has also allowed students to truly engage themselves in their education by developing personal educational plans or studying fields that may interest them.

First, technology is misused by some students are hacking into the school severs, using email to intimidate or threaten other students.

They are downloading music and plagiarizing information from the internet and use them as their own. While the use of technology is supposed to bring changes in the traditional way that teachers used to teach, student used to learn but still doesn’t prevent some students taking advantage of these changes and use them as they want.

Each student could choose a specific part of the topic that tickles their interest such as Acid indicators, structures of molecules etc.

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The assignment could then be diversified by allowing students to search for information from different websites –watch videos about acid and bases.Mind you, students now can attend colleges no matter where in the world they are located.They can apply to colleges, register for classes and even attending the classes distantly.They can then group together create a wiki for example which is website that allows its users to add, modify, or delete its content via a web browser usually using a simplified markup language or a rich-text editor.With this software, students can develop or design chemical figures to show how certain acids or bases are formed.Consequently, they get distracted and lose their focus in the class.Yet teachers are in disagreement with this invasion which is technology in classroom, they are also working very hard to come up with other methods of teaching that will help these students to be more focus and lessen their attention on their daily routine which is using their toys while in class.In addition, due to technology our children are able to acquire a lot of skills.This is the first time in history that students have the ability to research any topic.They don’t spend time in focusing in class because they have the computer at home that will help them do their work.Although this technology brings certain benefits in the classroom, it also causes some students to be unexcited and lazy to learn at school. Frisby, associate professor of Strategic communication at the University of Missouri, has noticed students on My Space and e Bay during her lectures. The final straw, she says, came in an e-mail from a student “complimenting my outfit, failing to realize that the time stamp was on the e-mail, further suggesting that he was not paying attention to my lecture.


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