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Adolf Hitler was the undisputed leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party—known as Nazis—since 1921.In 1923, he was arrested and imprisoned for trying to overthrow the German government. He used the subsequent jail time to dictate his political ideas in a book, Adolf Hitler (1889–1945) was born on April 20, 1889, in the Upper Austrian border town Braunau am Inn.Willing to risk a Nazi-German nationalist coalition with Hitler as Chancellor, von Papen reached agreement with Hitler and the German Nationalists in early January 1933.

A month later, he first expressed an antisemitic, racist ideology on paper, advocating removal of Jews from Germany.

Hitler joined what would become the Nazi Party in October 1919.

He changed its political strategy to incorporate engagement in electoral politics, programs targeting new and alienated voters, and bridge building to overcome traditional conflicts in German society.

With the onset of the Great Depression in 1930, Nazi agitation began to have increasing impact in the German population.

Released from the hospital in November 1918, Hitler returned to Munich.

In 1919, he joined the Information Office of the Bavarian Military Administration.When the majority coalition government collapsed in March, the three middle-class parties invoked emergency constitutional provisions to hold extraordinary parliamentary elections, hoping to manufacture a governing majority that would permanently exclude the Social Democrats and the political Left from governing.When this maneuver failed, German governments in 1930-1932 resorted to ruling by presidential decree rather than parliamentary consent.In 1898, the Hitler family moved to Linz, the capital of Upper Austria.Seeking a career in the visual arts, Hitler fought bitterly with his father, who wanted him to enter the Habsburg civil service.He helped devise the party political program in 1920.The program was based on racist antisemitism, expansionist nationalism, and anti-immigrant hostility.Reluctantly, von Hindenburg appointed Hitler Chancellor on January 30, 1933.German president Paul von Hindenburg died in August 1934.Former Chancellor (June-November 1932) Franz von Papen rescued Hitler.Von Papen believed that Nazi electoral losses rendered them more susceptible to control by the more experienced but unpopular conservative elites.


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