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But in this case, the title of the American edition seems to be equally good. When we look at someone (an angel) from a position of unrequited love and imagine the pleasures that being in heaven with them might bring us, we are prone to overlook a significant danger : how soon their attractions might pale if they began to love us back.We fall in love because we long to escape from ourselves with someone as ideal as we are corrupt.

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Towards the end of the movie my heart ached and the ache refused to go away.

The same thing happened when I reached the end of the book – my heart ached and it hurt so badly.

A long, gloomy tradition in Western thought argues that love is in its essence an unreciprocated, Marxist emotion and that desire can only thrive on the impossibility of mutuality.

According to this view, love is simply a direction, not a place, and burns itself out with the attainment of its goal, the possession (in bed or otherwise) of the loved one.

If you have fallen in love, fallen out of love (oh, how I so hate that phrase!

) and have had your heart broken, you will like this book.

I thought that maybe I will read a little bit of each of them and then read one or more of them fully.

Out of the books which I took out, the one which really grabbed my attention was For some reason, I never got around to reading this book, at the time I bought it.

My identity had for so long been forged around ‘us’ that to return to the ‘I’ involved an almost complete reinvention of myself.

It took a long time for the hundreds of associations that Chloe and I had accumulated together to fade.


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