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(iii) To work on the SAQs through Moodle LMS and get instant feedback and score click here. To check you answers, click Literary_Criticism_Page_2. They live in an awful age full of bloodshed and violence, and poetry is an art of peace.Please note that you need to create a NEW ACCOUNT (only first time), and then only you will be able to work. In the present age, it flourishes in France and not in England. Neander’s view in favour of Modern (English) Drama 1.3.7. Each one argues strongly as to which one is better, “Ancient or Modern, and French or English? (ii) Compare your answer with those given at the end of the unit.

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Aristotle (XII) Dryden takes pains to emphasize____________________ mentioned in Aristotle’s definition. (XXXVIII) Which had single action of course which caused narrowing and cramping effect ? But the English dramatists for example Shakespeare, do not modify and transform their stories for dramatic purpose. Here he credits the English audience with certain robustness in suggesting that they want their battles and "other objects of horror." Ultimately he suggests that it may be there are simply too many rules and often following them creates more absurdities than they prevent. (ii) Compare your answer with those given at the end of the unit. To check you answers, click Literary_Criticism_Page_2. Dryden in his essay, An Essay on Dramatic Poesy, vindicated the Moderns.

(XIII) Dryden takes pains to emphasize the two forms of ___________. In order to satisfy the human soul, the drama must have verisimilitude (likeness to reality). They represent a story which will be one complete action, and everything which is unnecessary is carefully excluded. (iii) To work on the SAQs through Moodle LMS and get instant feedback and score click here. The case for the ‘Ancients’ is presented by Crites.

(XIV) While reading Dryden, we find an interest in the general issues of __________ rather than in a close ____________ of ____________ texts. To check you answers, click Literary_Criticism_Page_2. Eugenius says that "the moderns have profited by the rules of the ancients" but moderns have "excelled them." He points first to some discrepancies in the applications of the Unities, mentioning that there seem to be four parts in Aristotle's method: the entrance, the intensifying of the plot, the counter-turn, and the catastrophe. The French plays have it, while the English do not. But the English burden their plays with actions and incidents which have no logical and natural connection with the main action so much so that an English play is a mere compilation. Please note that you need to create a NEW ACCOUNT (only first time), and then only you will be able to work. In the controversy Dryden takes no extreme position and is sensible enough to give the Ancients their respect.

(XV)We call Dryden a neoclassical critic, just as ________. But he points out that somewhere along the line, and by way of Horace, plays developed five acts (the Spanish only 3). Hence the French plays are better written than the English ones. The English devote considerable attention to one single character, and the others are merely introduced to set off that principal character. • Choose the right option: (XIIV) According to the definition of the play Neander suggests that English playwrights are best as: a. Through his wit and shrewd analysis, he removes the difficulty which had confused the issue.

Dryden would also regard such exercises as ‘imitation’ since it is drawing on “other men’s fancies”. (ii) Compare your answer with those given at the end of the unit. The English are guilty of the folly, while the French are not. The Plots of the French tragedies are based on well-known stories with reference to the theory and practice of the Ancients. He suggests that the use of well-ordered sub-plots makes the plays interesting and help the main action. (1) Fill in the blanks: (XIV)In this article French Poesy is compared with ___________.

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(iii) To work on the SAQs through Moodle LMS and get instant feedback and score click here. But these stories are transformed for dramatic purposes; in this regard they are superior even to the Ancients. Further, he suggests that English plays are more entertaining and instructive because they offer an element of surprise that the Ancients and the French do not. (XIVI)The newer French writers are imitating _________________.

While the poet is free to imitate “things as they are said or thought to be”, he also gives spirited defence of a poet’s right to imitate what could be, might be or ought to be. Lisideius therefore concludes: no drama in the world is as absurd as the English tragic-comedy. One fault he finds in their plots is that the regularity also makes the plays too much alike.

He cites in this context the case of Shakespeare who so deftly exploited elements of the supernatural and elements of popular beliefs and superstitions. The French plays also have much variety but they do not provide it in such a bizarre manner. He defends the English invention of tragi-comedy by suggesting that the use of mirth with tragedy provides "contraries" that "set each other off" and gives the audience relief from the heaviness of straight tragedy.

Dilip Barad, [[ Bhavnagar University, Bhavnagar, Gujarat. (II) Dryden’s critical observation of contemporary reality is reflected in_____________.

(1) Fill in the blanks: (I) The Restoration Age is also alternatively known as the _________.


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