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(Institute for Social Research) in Frankfurt and became one of the most active participants in their interdisciplinary projects (see KELLNER, 1989; WIGGERSHAUS, 1994).The Institute was founded in Frankfurt, Germany, during the 1920s as the first Marxist-oriented research institute in Europe.He also believed that Marxism neglected the problem of the individual and throughout his life was concerned with personal liberation and happiness, in addition to social transformation., anticipating the later tendency to revise interpretations of Marxism from the standpoint of the works of the early Marx.

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In December 1942, Marcuse joined the Office of War Information as a senior analyst in the Bureau of Intelligence (KELLNER, 1998).

He prepared a report that proposed ways that the mass media of the allied countries could present images of German fascism.

Tentaremos demonstrar, ainda neste artigo, que Marcuse interessava-se pela educação como uma esfera de desenvolvimento crítico radical e de alternativas emancipatórias para toda a sociedade administrada.

Pretendemos com este estudo demonstrar que não apenas a relevância de Marcuse mas também a urgência com a qual devemos avaliar sua vida e trabalho sob a luz das continuidades e transformações dentro do presente sistema de relações sociais e instituições desde o tempo deste filósofo até o nosso.

In his first published articles, written from 1928-1933 when he was studying with Heidegger in Freiburg, Marcuse developed a synthesis of phenomenology, existentialism, and Marxism, anticipating a project which decades later would be carried out by various "existential" and "phenomenological" Marxists, such as Jean-Paul Sartre and Maurice Merleau-Ponty, as well as others in Eastern Europe and the United States in the post-war period.

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Marcuse contended that Marxist thought had deteriorated into a rigid orthodoxy and needed concrete "phenomenological" experience of contemporary social conditions to update and enliven Marxian theory, which had neglected social, cultural, and psychological factors in favor of economic and political conditions.

Sua teoria da sociedade unidimensional nos proporciona uma perspectiva crítica sobre o capitalismo contemporâneo e das sociedades dos estados comunistas, enquanto sua noção de “A Grande Recusa” lhe deu uma posição reconhecida como teórico das mudanças revolucionárias e “da libertação desta sociedade opulenta”. ele se tornou um dos mais influentes intelectuais nos Estados Unidos durante os anos 60 e 70. Enquanto outros teóricos críticos de sua geração ganharam novos níveis de posição acadêmica, Marcuse parece permanecer uma figura histórica trancada dentro dos dramas dos anos 60.

Desta forma, um retorno a Marcuse, como Angela Davis assinalou, parece desviar-se, perigosamente, em direção a uma nostalgia por um tempo passado.

At the same time that he was writing essays synthesizing Marxism and phenomenology, Marcuse completed a study of (1932) which he intended as a "Habilitation" dissertation that would gain him University employment.

The text stressed the importance of the categories of life and history in Hegel and contributed to the revival of interest in Hegel that was taking place in Europe.


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