And Then There Were None Essay Conclusion

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He told Vera that Richmond was his wife’s lover and he was so upset that he sent Richmond on an impossible mission.Nobody knew that Richmond was Macarthur’s wife’s lover.

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When Legge asks if the townspeople helped to shed any light on the case, Maine informs him that they were no real help.

Because of the former owner's outlandish parties, the townspeople were used to strange happenings on the island.

She gets freaked out because she thinks the seaweed on her shoulder is Cyril’s hand.

Towards the very end of the novel, Vera learns to accept that she truly did plan and plot to kill Cyril.

It is all about planning and plotting deaths and trying to solve the mystery behind them.

Many different themes reoccur throughout this novel.

One main theme that truly seems to either severely affect or have no affect at all on the characters is guilt.

Guilt plays a huge role when it comes to the deaths in this book. Vera Claythorne is one of the main characters who has the hardest time with feeling guilt in her life.

Vera is nervous to go back on the sea because it reminds her of her crime.

She tries really hard not to harp on her past but it is all she can think about and being on the sea makes it worse.


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