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So, are there ever instances when censorship of art is beneficial? We posed this question on several of our Fine Art Facebook clubs, including the Oil Painting Club, the Acrylic Painting Club, the Drawing Club and the Watercolor Club. Check them out below, and then weigh in on the debate yourself in the comments.“If it’s censored it’s not art.”“Censorship has no place in art. ” “It’s not art if it’s censored.”“Never, if it’s art. Despite dilatory arguments, most recognize the difference immediately.” “I think when it becomes totally distasteful to many people, instead of soft, discreet and beautiful…I think many artists try to add a shock factor to gain infamy, to get noticed.”“A naked body is nature.It just exposes the mentalities of the censors bereft of a any intelligence and creativity.” “Absolutely nev-ver! Vandalism is not art.” “Unless it’s downright vulgar, I think it should be left alone. Why censor something that artists create to show their appreciation of what GOD created first? Censorship of nature and art reflecting nature is crazy.But there’s a certain genre that’s primarily targeted by censors…and that is rap.

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Censorship dilutes its historical value much like similar problems in literature with banned books.

Twain, Donatello…one should have their voice silenced.”“I believe the law is when it’s considered ‘obscene’ so it’s based on social opinion.

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However, The ‘Parental Advisory’ labels and tracks that were edited have only made rap artists even more inspired and creative, and that’s why listeners are even more drawned to it.

Many listeners want to hear the original version of the music or track that is censored because it doesn’t convey the truth.

However, if it is a naked body in a suggestive pose intended for arousal, then some form of censorship is important I believe.” “Like everything, art can also be used as a tool to raise or debase society. If it vexes the spirit it is not so good.”“Why are censorship topics always centered on sex?

The beauty and value of the human body is not about sex.

In music words are either changed or bleeped out so that it would be considered appropriate.

But, if music considered an art form, then why censor it?


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