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Im not a chemist so I find it hard to actually identify what ions are in terms of biology For spec A: Ca2 ions in the synapse Cl- ions in the synapse (it's inhibitory) I don't know if they're on the Biology Spec B syllabus though.

And isn't there some ions involved in blood clotting?

It means that you have to be familiar with the matter and learn it in accordance with the program you passed.

Nonetheless, if you made up your mind to get the certificate, you are probably aware of what you will deal with and have sufficient knowledge in the discipline.

The first thing you need to do is realize that it only sounds complicated and tough, while the examination itself is not that scary if you are a decent student.

The process of passing the assessment includes an examination and a written assignment- namely an essay-and now we will tell you everything you need to know about it.

The background of the students regarding their major and subjects taken does not require additional validation, and the alliance serves as a supplementary independent award-giving body.

Although it is not obligatory to pass the examination in AQA, it will boost your CV and leave less questions about your knowledge.

Disclaimer: the preparation for the certification and its successful completion will not take a week of your time.

Your knowledge in biology must be comprehensive and systemized.


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