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There are two different types of EPP status codes: client and server codes. Some registrars automatically enact certain status codes when you register a domain name, while others do so when you request it.Server status codes are set by registries, and they take precedence over client codes.For most journals, the status "under review" is used to indicate that the paper has cleared the editorial check and has been sent for external review.

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By having those kinds of Equipment & Material linkage, the available stock of the Material (Serialized Equipment) can be viewed as report.

But for large or complicated Equipments which can’t be eventually created as Material (can’t be considered as Material but Asset), it is very difficult to analyse the total number of available equipment.

In this case, planner will get the demand from different customers or internal project leaders.

By having this status, planner can plan & match his demand & availability. By having the System Status AVLB, SAP will allow the users to install the equipment to Superior Object.

If there is no change for more than a few weeks, politely write to the journal editor asking about the status of your submission.

Recommended reading: How long will the status of my paper show "Under Review?Does it have any restrictions or pending actions that you need to address?Finding and understanding your domain's EPP status codes will answer all of these questions and more. ) to understand EPP status codes because they can explain why your domain may have stopped working, if it is protected from domain name hijacking, and when and if your domain name registration will expire and become available to the public for registration.You can create multiple Enrollment Status Page profiles and apply them to different groups that contain users.Profiles can be set to: A user can be in many groups and have many Enrollment Status Page profiles.For every user status (based on User status object type), there are pre-defined business transactions which can be controlled.By keeping these business transactions in control, that business activity can be terminated or can be allowed.I submitted a paper for Springer Journal and it said "editor invited," then after one month it said "editor assigned," and now it says “Under Review".Does "Under Review" mean that the paper has passed the editorial check and been given to the external reviewer?To handle such conflicts, you can set the priorities for each profile.While enrolling, if someone has more than one Enrollment Status Page profile, only the highest priority profile is applied to the enrolling device.


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