Assignment Ada Walkthrough

After ringing the church bell Ada has to save Leon again by following him to the house where he’s captured.Like before, the area is riddled with fast-moving villagers who seemingly pop out of nowhere.The blue card is over in a corner, which activates the first turret.

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From there it’s a matter of getting out of the garden maze and facing off against a lot of dangerous cultists with Las Plagas heads.

Keeping up high helps a lot in being able to pick off some of the cultists as they traverse the maze. You’ll need to find the hourglass to place inside of the treasure box located in the cage with the Garrador.

After making quick work of them you’ll need to head back to the house where Leon briefly encountered the village chief.

Ada will eventually get captured and taken to the sacrificial cave near the cargo lift.

This can be found in the treasure room outside along the castle walls where the Broken Butterfly is originally located in Leon’s game.

After ringing the church bell, saving Luis Sera and traversing through the castle, it’s time to save Leon…again.A combination of TMP fire to the face and sniper rifle shots to the Plagas in his back will make quick work of him. This chapter only has a few difficult segments but it’s nowhere near as challenging as Chapter 4 and the awfully difficult ship segments.Unlike Leon, Ada starts the stage after she meets him and heads into the garden to talk to Wesker.The very first mission that Ada must carry out involves ringing the church bell in order to save Leon from the hordes of villagers attacking him.This sounds like an easy task, and in some ways, it is kind of easy, however the difficulty for Ada has been greatly enhanced in comparison to playing as Leon.Still, the upside to playing as Ada is that she’s slightly quicker and performs her moves effortlessly enough to make quick work of the not-so-zombified villagers.It’s important to never keep your back to the villagers for long, as they move rather quickly when fighting against Ada and it’s important to take them out as fast as possible, otherwise they can become overwhelming.This is by all means a very difficult area to deal with due to the turret cannons.You’ll need access cards to active counter turrets in order to blow up the enemy turrets.You’ll need to watch your step once you get to the end because there are a handful of turrets that pop up on the final gate.Just remember to get to the edge of the platform and use the grappling hook to hop back to the other side of the docks and grab the red key to use for the second turret and blow up the turrets before proceeding to the next segment.


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