Athletes And Eating Disorders Essay

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Certainly, from a sociocultural perspective, most individuals are exposed to societal or cultural pressures regarding weight or appearance, but again, not all will develop an eating disorder.Most who do are female, and the disorder’s onset often occurs during adolescence.

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As first conceived, the term "disordered eating" was a component of the female athlete triad – a syndrome that also includes decreased bone mineral density and osteoporosis – and defined as "a wide spectrum of harmful and often ineffective eating behaviors used in attempts to lose weight or attain a lean appearance." The term was later supplanted by "low energy availability" to reflect the role insufficient energy plays in accounting for all physical activity, as well as to fuel normal bodily processes of health, growth and development.

Eating disorders are not simply disorders of eating, but rather conditions characterized by a persistent disturbance of eating or an eating-related behavior that significantly impairs physical health or psychosocial functioning.

Participation in sports has a number of positive effects on student-athletes.

They tend to live healthier lives than non-athletes, and they gain skills in teamwork, discipline and decision-making that their non-athlete peers may not.

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