Behaviour Groups Essay

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This suggests that status of location effects obedience.People are more likely be obey an authority figure who is in close proximity (i.e. In Milgram's study the experimenter was in the same room as the participant (i.e. If the authority figure is distant it is easier to resistant their orders.Each participant had to make an individual estimate, and then do the same as a group.

This suggests that status of location effects obedience.

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This refers to instances where a person may agree in public with a group of people but the person actually privately disagrees with the group’s viewpoint or behavior.

The individual changes their views, but it is a temporary change.

This shows when there is less personal responsibility obedience increases.

People tend to obey others if they recognise their authority as morally right and / or legally based (i.e. This response to legitimate authority is learned in a variety of situations, for example in the family, school and workplace.

The high status of the university gave the study credibility and respect in the eyes of the participants, thus making them more likely to obey.

Behaviour Groups Essay

When Milgram moved his experiment to a set of run down offices rather than the impressive Yale University obedience dropped to 47.5%.

Asch wanted to investigate whether people would conform to the majority in situations where an answer was obvious.

Procedure: In Asch’s study there were 5-7 participants per group.

Another example of the agenetic state involved a variation of Milgram's study whereby participants could instruct an assistant (confederate) to press the switches.

In this condition 92.5% shocked to the maximum 450 volts.


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