Blindness In King Lear Thesis

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Our father’s love is to the bastard Edmund As to the legitimate. if this letter speed And my invitation thrive, Edmund the base Shall top the legitimate. He cannot trust that Edgar, his son whom he has always trusted and cared for, would never write a letter plotting such a thing.

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- To see or Not so see Blindness can be interpreted in many different ways, whether being referred to in the forms of physical, emotional or spiritual.

As a society when we think of blindness we often think of the physical inability of the eyes to see, however we learn that in King Lear by William Shakespeare that the idea of blindness is not always going to be associated with the physical ability to see but can be symbolic to the other various forms.

Throughout William Shakespeare’s King Lear, many characters make mistakes that cost them greatly.

The characters are all blind to something, misinterpreting other character’s actions and emotions.

Although Gloucester is blinded and Edgar is disguised, one would still expect a father to know his son.

Gloucester never suspects the beggar is his son until Edgar tells him.Cordelia’s speech is the first point in the play where the audience sees the difference between good and evil in Goneril, Regan and Cordelia. And, as a stranger to my heart and me Hold thee from this forever…Goneril and Regan tell Lear exactly what he wants to hear; that they both love him more than anything, even their husbands. Be as well neighbored, pitied, and relieved As thou my sometime daughter” (1. 108-119) Lear’s anger-ridden speech does not hide his frustration, and it is obvious that this will have a negative impact later in the play.In the play, the dominant theme of figurative and literal blindness carries both the main and counterplots throughout the play....[tags: William Shakespeare, King Lear, Blindness] - Themes of Nothing and Blindness in King Lear Many of the passages of King Lear, particularly those between the characters of Lear, Kent, the Fool, and Cordelia, all share a common theme.” In the last night’s storm I such a fellow saw, Which made me think a man a worm. 32-35) This quote illustrates how a combination of Gloucester’s physical and mental blindness keeps him from knowing the true identity of his son.My son Came then into my mind, and yet my mind Was then scarce friends with him. Throughout Shakespeare’s King Lear many characters are blind to something, misinterpreting other characters’ actions and emotions. Their disregard results in tragedy in the world around them and brings about the rise and fall of the kingdom of Lear.In the first scene, the audience sees Lear proclaiming to his three daughters that in order to be awarded their dowries they must first express their love accordingly to him. 55-61) At this point in the play, the audience is introduced to Goneril’s true personality. 90) Lear cannot see that Cordelia actually loves him the most.This blindness is a tragic flaw, that in which, if one is not quick to realize it, it can have deadly and long term effects as developed through William Shakespeare’s King Lear.According to Shakespeare, blindness is not simply a physical issue, but rather an intellectual issue.


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