Book Reports High School Students

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When you are working on a book report, you will be required to follow the different guideline for fiction and nonfiction books.

Although they will be structured differently from each other – you will start from a common point where you discuss the author’s purpose and themes in the book and then break away to tackle each genre independently.

Try to balance your opinions not showing a clear inclination towards one side.

When writing this section, the body of the report, the following aspects should be lingering in your head: When concluding your report, briefly pull your thoughts together by summing up the impact the book had on you while reading.

Provide the thesis and the major conclusions of the book.

You are not supposed to summarize all the chapters in the book or every perspective, just explore the main ones and those that are significant to the book, or interesting to you.

If the choice of the book is yours, you should consider selecting a book that you’ll have fun reading.

When reading, always have a pen and paper by your side to write down page numbers, chapters, and topics, and take short notes about interesting passages.

Write a brief summary of the plot where you will include the major events and the order in which they occur in the book.

You should discuss the climax and the resolution of the book and some literary strategies such as foreshadowing.


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