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After getting to the end of them, he put together this definitive 11-point list, Advice for Future MFA Applicants. And even if you have a great set of experiences and are incredibly interesting and we’d love to have an 8-hour long coffee with you to learn about your experiences running Substance D.I love teaching African fiction and contemporary British novels.Brittle Paper is the virtual space/station where I play and experiment with ideas on how to reinvent African fiction and literary culture.If you already have a Ph D, we need to be convinced that this is the right thing for you and for us, and that you’re not just collecting degrees.But, honestly, the default acceptances for MFAs is usually (but not always) someone who doesn’t yet have an advanced degree. Are you serious about improving your writing or do you want to treat this as a sort of an artist colony?Brown University, founded in 1764, is a member of the Ivy League and recognised for the quality of its teaching, research, and unique curriculum.Located in historic Providence, Rhode Island, Brown University is the seventh-oldest college in the USA.The Bonderman professorship is a one-to-three-year teaching appointment in the Department of Literary Arts at Brown University, a prestigious American university located in Providence, Rhode Island. In the next one year, Unigwe will teach a total of four classes, in addition to organizing creative writing workshops.She is not, however, tied down to teaching just creative writing classes.Welcome to Brittle Paper, your go-to site for African writing and literary culture.We bring you all the latest news and juicy updates on publications, authors, events, prizes, and lifestyle.


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