Business Budget Plan Example

You can also use the template as is if you are simple looking for a sample budget and don't need real data at this point.This could be the case if you wish to use it for a presentation to a client and not for your own reasons.Common income line items are: Note that the expenses piece will have a lot more items in it, but that will hopefully be offset by the higher numbers in the income section.

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If your accounting divides marketing expenses into personnel, advertising, and PR, don’t project marketing expenses in your business plan as print, online, and social media. Forecasting your operating expenses is a matter of experience, educated guessing, a bit of research, and common sense.That way you know how much income you need to generate in order to make a profit and can determine where you may be able to cut costs.A sample budget usually contains two numerical columns, one for the expenses and one for income, plus a column for labels.Most people are used to them the way I’m using them, with forecast for revenue and budget for spending.Also, the difference between Costs and Expenses is significant.In the diagram here below of full financials (repeated here from three essential projections posted previously in this series) the spending budget includes both the expenses portion of profit and loss and additional spending that doesn’t show up in profit and loss but does impact the cash flow and balance sheet.By the way, the word budget, as I use it here, is exactly the same as forecast. I could just as easily refer to revenue and spending budgets, or revenue and spending forecasts, as revenue forecast and spending budget.You can prepare either a monthly sample budget or a yearly one. Most also have a line for miscellaneous expenses at the bottom, since it is hard to fit everything into a distinctive category.Once you've got the expenses in the budget, you need to balance them with your income.Let’s look at a sample expense budget from the same bicycle business plan I used in the sales forecast section above (with middle columns cut out): All the numbers are educated guesses.Garrett, the bicycle storeowner, knows the business.


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