C Problem Solving Questions

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(solution) Write a program in any programming language you to find the first non-repeated character in a given String, for example, if given String is "Java" then first non-repeated character is "J" 10) How to reverse the words in a given String sentence?

(solution) Write an efficient program in Java or C to reverse the words in a given String sentence.

You can use all the tips and tricks you learned by solving array based coding question to also solve String e.g.

reversing a String is the same as reversing an array and so on.

For example, if the first String "India is great" and second String is "in" then output should be "da s great" 5) How to check if two strings are rotations of each other?

(solution) Write an efficient program to test if two given String is a rotation of each other or not e.g.But, in Java, String is an object, which holds data in character array.This means you can solve many String based problem by assuming it as a character array.(solution) Write an efficient Java/C/Python program to return the maximum occurring character in the input string e.g., if the input string is "Java" then the function should return 'a'.2) How to remove all duplicates from a given string?In this article, I am going to share 21 of the most common String based Programming and Coding interview questions from Java developer interviews.These questions require you to write code to solve the problem and they are different from traditional Java String questions like how substring method works in Java or when to use the intern() method of String in Java?Why String is Immutable in Java but rather based upon the string data structure and require a lot of coding practice to solve them in limited time.1) How to find the maximum occurring character in given String?For example, if given String is "this is a test string" and 12) How to check if two given String is the anagram of each other?(solution) Write an efficient program in Java/C/C to check if two String is an anagram of each other.


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