Cattle Breeding Business Plan

Lastly we face the challenge of labour, unfortunately my labour force is not a committed as I would wish them to be.Do you consider yourself a market leader and what challenges stem from your competitors?

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Seitebo and Boycie Sebonego have always had a passion for farming.

With this passion they decided to commercialise farming and start a feedlotting and cattle hauling service to Botswana Meat Commission and other farmers.

The forms were rather daunting at first as I was required to provide a lot of supporting documentation to justify my business.

I needed to not only submit my business plan, I also had to provide the financial projections of my business which took time to draw up.

Through this I was further convinced in starting a feedlotting business so that I could strike a balanced profit between selling and the slaughter of my stock to both the Botswana Meat Commission (BMC) and slaughter slabs.

The lack of phosphorus in the soils of the Southern District grazing had become unreliable and thus I was not able to maximise proper weight gain in my livestock.I have been very fortunate with my Portfolio Executives as they are very knowledgeable of the current market trends.What challenges does your business face on a daily basis?My challenges are no different from any other farmer in Botswana.We are constantly faced with challenges of fluctuating costs of feed, raw material and vaccines for my cattle.Before joining the business, it took me a full year and a half to really think and plan how I was going to put a viable and sustainable business together.From this I took time to draft a business plan and how I was to execute it.The process was lengthy but well worth it since I am a CEDA client as we speak today.What is your current status with CEDA, do they offer your business advisory services and training and other assistance from officers?I always speak highly of CEDA and its services to my business associates and friends.I would also like to say that my current status with CEDA is a friendly one, by so saying this I am currently up to date with the repayment agreement that I committed to when receiving funding.


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