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CBT is used for anything from phobias, anxiety, depression, trauma, self-esteem issues, and ADHD, to relational problems like poor communication or unrealistic expectations of your partner. If so, then yes, you could probably benefit from CBT.Basically, if it’s an issue that involves thoughts and behaviors (which covers a lot of ground), CBT has a treatment approach for that. If you are more concerned about your purpose or meaning in life, or about what moments from your past color who you are today, there may be other approaches that fit better for you (and we'll get to that in question #9).Basically, there's a good chance you’ve either received CBT or know someone who has. Does it really alleviate psychological distress, and if so, how?

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In other words, the aim is to produce clear, measurable changes in thoughts and behaviors, which is a goldmine for researchers. “Since a high percentage of people we see in our practice are dealing with some form of anxiety (social anxiety, health or illness anxiety, OCD, panic, etc.), being able to gently challenge people to face their fears and develop new ways of relating to their own thoughts is a central part of the work,” he says.

“CBT gives us the tools to encourage people to do something highly unpleasant: confront the things they have been avoiding.”CBT is a form of psychotherapy, so you can expect the early sessions to be what you would see in any initial therapy sessions: discussing payment information and the cancellation policy, your goals for therapy, your history, and a review of your problems.

It’s based on the assumption that many of life’s problems stem from faulty thoughts (that’s where “cognitive” comes from) and behaviors.

By intentionally shifting them toward healthier, more productive goals, we can alleviate distress.

You’ve probably heard of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), the evidence-based psychotherapy treatment method focused on changing negative thoughts and behaviors.

It seems to be mentioned in nearly every self-help article online: Sleep problems?

CBT is psychotherapy, so if your insurance covers psychotherapy or behavioral medicine, it should cover most, if not all, of your CBT therapy.

If you’re paying out of pocket, CBT costs range from free or on a sliding scaled at some community clinics, to 0 per session in a private practice.

John and his CBT therapist may discuss a technique called “thought stopping” where he abruptly disrupts the flow of negative thoughts by yelling (in his mind) “Stop!

” as he redirects his thoughts to something more positive like an affirmation or a meditation app.


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