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He wasn’t just a musician, he was an activist, and we “” watching his tribute to Baltimore’s Freddie Gray. He was said to be nice to people he encountered in his private life.

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I don’t say any of this to denigrate Prince or his talents.

And I don’t say this to shame people out of listening to music they enjoy, though not all music is worth hearing. Music has its place, and gifted musicians undeniably enhance our lives, but if our hearts are given to these songs and those who make them, then our lives are unnecessarily impoverished.

Two of the countless ways Winfrey has affected America and the world is her major support for educational programs and financial support for charities.

Oprah Gail Winfrey was born on January 29, 1954 in Kosciusko, Mississippi.

When she was six, she moved to Milwaukee with her mom.

A few months later, her mother died from a cocaine overdose.The sentimentality is understandable, given the millions of people who could remember some significant moment in their lives that happened to the sounds of “Lets Go Crazy” or “When Doves Cry.” But helping Americans make memories isn’t the same thing as living a truly significant life.As if recognizing the hollowness of their tribute, pundits began searching for something, anything to make Prince more heroic.Marx famously declared religion to be the “opium of the people.” But it’s clear that tens of millions of Americans sedate their souls with a different drug: pop culture.Prince’s death is sad, but for everyone but his family and friends, the pain it causes is the pang of withdrawal, not the ache of true spiritual loss.Even on the Left’s terms, valorizing Prince for his transient activism disrespects those who spent their lives in the trenches, fighting for their vision of “social justice.” For conservatives, Prince was ultimately just another talented and decadent voice in a hedonistic culture.He was notable mainly because he was particularly effective at communicating that decadence to an eager and willing audience.Playing a guitar doesn’t make you wise, and it certainly doesn’t make you brave.But it can make you famous, and for a very long time too many of us have admired fame as the ultimate human accomplishment.She lived with her grandmother until she was six years old, and was so Oprah Gail Winfrey is a remarkable woman that should be recognized in Black History Month.She lived with her grandmother until she was six years old, and was so poor that she had to wear dresses made out of potato sacks to school.


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