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I am not sure I agree with Glasser on all points, but that certainly doesn't mean he hasn't given me a lot to think about.Glasser’s thesis is that the Kingdom of God is one of the central, overarching themes of the Scripture, and if we trace this motif through both testaments, we will better understand God’s mission in the world and have greater insight as to the church’s mission in today’s world.

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In time, the kings of Israel challenge His rule, so God sends his people into exile to set the stage for the Messiah.

The stage is now set for the second half of the book where Jesus announces and inaugurates the Kingdom, and the Spirit enables the church to proclaim the Kingdom of God, which is already but not yet.

1) Those who have received a Master of Divinity(MDiv) and Master of Theology in Missiology(Th M in Missiology) degree from an educational institution accredited by the US Department of Education.

2) Those who hold a master’s degree in MA have completed 72 credits and have completed pre-requisite courses required by Doctoral Office.

In the first three sections he demonstrates that God is Creator, Judge and Redeemer, and therefore King.

As King, he demonstrates his power over Egypt and forms a covenant people for Himself – Israel.

bondage to the powers.” (336) Yet when talking about Jesus he said, “While he advocated sharing with the poor, he did not condemn the economic system that helped make people rich.” Glasser might benefit by reading Wink’s triology on The Powers That Be and Ched Myers Binding the Strong Man.

With that said, I deeply appreciate Glasser’s humility as he closes his book (373), admitting to “truths that have appeared to conflict” and imperfect perception.

Throughout the book he helps us to remember God’s heart for all nations, and calls us to partner with our missional God to bring about His kingdom, always reminding us that our mission is in good hands – the hands of our triune God.

While the theme of missio dei was traced from Genesis to Revelation, some themes of God’s mission seemed incoherent.


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