Classification Division Essay Examples

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To succeed in this essay writing type, a student should explore many examples of classification essays.

A division essay example will clearly demonstrate you how to properly break a larger topic or subject into smaller parts.

This pattern allows you to either divide a topic into it's component parts, or to categorize (or classify) a group of related items or events.

When dividing you begin with one central topic and break that down into multiple parts. Medicine is one of several branches of science and it can be divided into numerous categories or specialties.

A classification and division essay is a type of writing, where you have to synthesize the knowledge you have acquired about specific phenomena or things, provide examples as in expository or illustration essay, and apply them in a more concrete way to the thesis statement.

To put it more simply, in a classification and division essay, you have to provide examples that make up the form of a composition: either how things or notions may be united into a certain category (classification) or how a specific phenomenon or idea may be divided into separate constituents (division).

On the contrary, classification division essay examples will also pinpoint to how to organize specific subjects into common shared categories.

As such, it is important not only to know how to divide the items but also how to classify them afterwards.

Imagine that all those doctors are at a doctor convention and in order to make sense of them you need to organize them into groups according to their specialty.

Either way you end up with doctors grouped by specialty but division illustrates differences, while classification focuses on similarities.


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