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According to Burgess and Locke, “Family is a group of persons united by the ties of marriage, blood or adoption consisting a single household, interacting and inter­communicating with each other in their respective roles of husband and wife, mother and father, son and daughter, brother and sister and creating and maintaining a common culture”. (ii) The relationship between the members of the family is of permanent nature.(iii) Husband and wife are permanent sexual partners. (vii) Family is centre of education for the children.(a) Consanguineous Family: This type of family is formed if a nucleus of blood relatives is surrounded by a fringe of spouses.

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In this family, the emphasis is on the conjugal bond.

Conjugal family is prevalent among the most of the tribes in India.

(b) Matrilineal Family: The family in which descent is traced through the mother and in which females inherit property is called a matrilineal family.

The Garo and the Khasi families of Assam may be cited as examples of this type of family.

It is composed of members who are related by birth.

Marriage does not break up in this type of family and membership in the family tends to persist even after marriage.

This type of family is very common among the tribes.

(b) Polygynous Family: A polygynous family is a type of family in which one man marries more than one wife.

(c) Extended Family: When the nuclear family is extended by the addition of closely related kin, it is called the extended family.

It is composed of aunts, grandparents, grand children etc.


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