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Like you would with four-year colleges and universities, test out a community college.Explore their website, walk around campus and talk to students currently attending a two-year school in which you’re interested.

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Community college enables students the flexibility to pursue their career while also fulfilling their higher education goals.

Additionally, community colleges provide a variety of payment plans that allow students to pay while they’re attending school, and in some cases, can pay as much or as little as they like on a monthly basis.

Compared to four-year universities, community colleges provided limited learning options and very little campus life. Everyone thinks this is the biggest, most talked about benefit, and it is.

Now, more than 40% of people between the ages of 18 and 24 attend community college. However, it’s not just the greatest benefit because the average tuition and fees at two-year colleges are less than $3,150 a year, according to College Board, but because of the flexibility it provides for working students.

While community colleges offer plenty of general courses, they also offer very specialized classes and majors.

For instance, if a student enters his or her community college with a desire to major in nursing, they’re able to pursue it immediately and potentially graduate within two years.

Community colleges aren’t what they were 10 years ago.

A decade ago, most students thought their only option was a four-year university because that’s what they were told by their counselors, parents and peers.

Essentially, students aren’t just saving money; they’re making money while attending college too.

The American Association of Community Colleges reports that almost half of all 2013 high school graduates attending community college hold a part- or full-time job.


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