Compare Contrast Emily Dickinson Walt Whitman Essay

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The narrator of this poem has walked outside of society.He has "walked out in rain-and back in rain"(466), this symbolizes that the speaker has endured a lot.

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In Emily Dickinson's poem Because I Could Not Stop for Death, she focuses on what the journey into her afterlife will be like.

Dickinson uses the first person narrative to tell her encounter with death.

Dickinson uses this theme in her poem " `Nature' is what we see -." The power of nature is strongly portrayed in this poem by Dickinson's articulation of what the speaker see's in nature. The speaker is saying that nature has such great power that one can't even comprehend her simplest ways. Nature held such power over the speaker as a child that he dreamt of going back to relive being one with nature and swinging in the trees.

In comparison Frost's poem "Birches" also portrays the power of nature. Dickinson and Frost both used death and loneliness as main themes.

Dickinson’s life was interesting in its self but the life her poems held, changed American Literature.

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Emily Dickinson led a unique life that emotionally attached her to complex than others.

Frost's poem "Fire and Ice" not only speaks of the end of the world, but also the end of the speaker himself: Some say the world will end in fire, Some say in ice.

From what I've tasted of desire I hold with those who favor fire.

(466.1-4) The speaker has been in love and knows that desire, that is why he wants to end in the heat of fire.

The speaker then talks about how he would feel if he had to die twice: But...


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