Compare Contrast Essay Rubric Ap World History

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You’ll have direct, first-hand experience seven possible points.

The national median score, at the end of thereading essays, and get an unforgettable amount of insight into the most academic year, was 2.56.1 A student who scores “only” three points oncommon writing techniques, both effective and otherwise.

This thesis isn’t perfectly focused, but it adequately answers the question There must be some minimal Excellent qualification of both • While the Mongols’ political influence in China was more dramatic in the short term, the Mongols similarities and differences.

actually influenced China less than they did Russia, which labored under a longer (if less obvious) Mongol influence for centuries.

This merely parrots the question, The Thesis Should:2 1.

Address all parts of the and is too vague to count for anything. Take a position on the question doesn’t ask “Did the Mongols have a small or great effect?

If you want the real East Grand Rapids HStraining as to how to teach a good AP World History course, go to an 1- East Grand Rapids, MIday AP Workshop or a 5-day Summer Institute.

See [email protected] And Workshops/Institutes And id=1855&subdir=/Annotated_Rubrics Workshops 1 to use this Annotated Rubric The overall goals for this document are to help students improve theirwriting and to reinforce the “Habits of Mind” discussed in the Acornbook.

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2005 Compare & Contrast Annotated Rubric: Effects of Mongols Note to teachers: “all” I have to do is to show the students how to apply what they’ve already learned in their English classes to AP World History.


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