Confessions Of A High School Word Nerd Essay

Between the rising costs of gasoline and the availability of other modes of transportation, teens simply don’t want or need to get their license.

popularized the notion of there being several different cliques in high school.

In order to have competitive college applications, high schoolers will often balance a varsity sport, several club memberships, musical instrument lessons, and student government simultaneously.

Oh, and all of this is on top of that ridiculous workload and studying for the SAT! These are just some of the many online platforms through which kids nowadays prefer to communicate.

Mystery meat Mondays are a thing of the past as far as today’s cafeterias are concerned.

In 2012, new meal standards went into effect in schools across the United States that have reformed school lunches entirely.

If you tried to light up on school property today, though, it’s extremely likely that you’d be asked to put out your cigarette (or, if you were a student, that you’d get a few days of detention).

In several states like New Jersey, California, and Oregon, there are laws in place that make it illegal to smoke not just on school property, but also at school-sponsored events. With so many tragedies occurring across the country, educational institutions have found it necessary to ramp up their security measures.

Back when you were getting ready to go to college, things were much less competitive than they are now.

In fact, the reality of what high school students go through just to get accepted into top tier schools will probably blow your mind.


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