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Summary of my interview -Tell me about yourself; name, where do you live, what school were you in, brief info about your family, your co-curricular activities at school (they will ask questions as you speak) -Why did I choose mechanical engineering as my field of study -What UEM project applies mechanical engineering -Which university am I planning to go and why -My hobby, what did I do while waiting for my SPM results -They asked me to rate my general knowledge from 0-10, and they asked me to tell anything that I know about what’s happening in Malaysia. Tips -Dress neatly -Be polite, knock the door before entering, greet them as well -Be as calm as you can be, just consider it as a chit-chat session with the elders -Smile -Never leave the room without any questions All in all, the interview was fun! They even gave us goodies and hampers to the winning groups, got to love the hospitality♥ Third and final stage – Personal interview with the B of D Before the interview, everybody was asked to write an essay regarding the topic they were assigned to.

I picked a lucky number 1, or was it 3 or maybe 5 and my topic was corruption.

There were 6 candidates during my morning session, so don’t forget to talk to them! Give them some support before the interview, it will make you feel better as well. I was the last candidate for the day and I ended up having mixed emotions. So basically, what you need to do is to get yourself involved and have fun!

Some left the room feeling satisfied, some left looking gloomy 😦 But I held my head high and wished myself the best of luck. Second stage – Group assessment In the morning we did an online assessment (nobody knew this was coming) diagrammatic, verbal, mechanics, numerical questions. We were divided into groups and the first task was the all-time favourite ‘how to survive a plane crash’ group discussion. We were recorded the whole time so don’t forget to smile!

For this scholarship, you are allowed to choose any course and any country of your preference, you will not be bonded to Bank Negara, instead you just have to return to the country and work for anywhere you like.

This is an extremely difficult scholarship to obtain, as only 3-5 students are chosen each year, after a lot of contemplation. Bank Negara scholarship is one of the earliest ones to be open for application.Do not forget to read about current issues, you might need the extra points for your essay.We were given about half an hour to complete the essay.Assalamualaikum 🙂 Bank Negara scholarship is one of the most sought after scholarships for post-SPM leavers.First of all, let me give a little bit of info on this scholarship.Essential tips to master writing a "tell us about yourself" scholarship essay.We’ll show you some scholarship essay examples about yourself, along with writing tips to guide you along the way.For example, if you studied for 5 years, you will be bonded for 10 years.Kijang Emas is open to be applied by those who scored 9A and above in SPM only.Note that you do not have to throw all this information into one essay. If you were on the review board, what would you want to learn about each applicant?What would make you choose one applicant over another?


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