Council Business Plan

Council Business Plan-25
The Albany City Council Strategic Plan considers both the City's Mission Statement and Vision Statement.

It describes how we will enhance our successful Community Hubs programme which brings together a wide range of highly-valued services within the locality, recognising the need to ensure local public services are delivered as one integrated offer.

This is crucial in helping to keep our streets safe and clean and our communities cohesive, confident and welcoming places to live.

I believe that over the decade ahead our schools can be the best in Wales, and our capital can be the best city in Britain in which to grow up. This plan details how we are supporting older people, particularly those who are suffering ill health, by continuing our work to join up our care services.

This will mean working with hospitals and GPs to ensure we all act as one system of support, focused on keeping people happy and healthy, living in their own homes and local communities, for as long as possible.

Amongst the most important commitments in this plan are those for supporting our city’s most vulnerable children and families.

For those young people in care, you have my commitment that we will do everything in our power to give you the support you need to fulfil your potential.A commitment to closing the gap between the richest and poorest communities, be it by narrowing the attainment gap in our schools, narrowing the gap in youth and long-term unemployment, or tackling the health inequalities that mean that people in our poorest communities are dying nearly ten years earlier than those in more affluent areas.In short, a commitment to making sure that each and every citizen has the chance to both contribute to, and benefit from, our city’s success.And we are honest about the fact that the Council does not control all the levers that will influence Cardiff’s success, most especially amidst the continuing uncertainty of Brexit.But we are determined that our services must make a positive difference to the lives of our citizens, across all aspects of city life, from the earliest years of a child’s life to the care and support we rely upon in our later years.The Plan identifies goals and metrics that inform a 2-year work program and proposed budget.Delivering Capital Ambition Cardiff’s Corporate Plan 2019-22 Leader’s Introduction My Administration was elected by the people of Cardiff with a commitment that every citizen – regardless of their creed, race, gender, or inherited wealth – should have the chance to fulfil their potential, and play a full part in the life of our city.In Capital Ambition we set out our policy agenda for making this happen.This plan provides a detailed programme of delivery.All this will be underpinned by a comprehensive programme of modernisation using digital technologies to improve public services, investing in our buildings and, most importantly of all, supporting our workforce that delivers public services in our city, each and every day.We do not underestimate the challenge of delivering this agenda at a time of continuing public sector austerity.


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