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Sign in to Tabula Tabula is a tool to support the administration of teaching and learning in academic departments.

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If the number of contact hours or CEUs is not clearly stated on the certificate, official supporting information (agendas, calendars, syllabi, etc.) must be uploaded along with the certificate. New applicants are required to document that they have completed at least 2 contact hours of coursework in Ethics.

This will count as part of the current Industrial Hygiene coursework requirement.

The University is keenly interested in the development of Tabula and so there is a steering group, consisting of PVCs and academics, to oversee the strategic direction of the project.

There is also a user group, made up of different people at different times, to help us flesh out the details of specific parts of the system.

One quarter hour equals 10 academic contact hours or 13 continuing education contact hours.

One CEU equals 10 continuing education contact hours. The courses can be classroom or distance learning (online courses, webinars, for instance). For documentation of continuing education contact hours, copies of certificates need uploaded online. Acceptable ethics courses include business conflicts, workplace relationships, technical judgment that compromises the values of an organization, integrity, professional conduct, confidentiality of sensitive information, conflict of interest, and intellectual property rights/plagiarism.If you already have an excellent existing process for marks management, for example, then just ‘switch it off’ in Tabula.If you’d like to use Tabula solely for attendance recording then feel free.Buying the best printer for students can help them with their studies, printing out notes, homework and research.Having the best student printer means you don't have to go to an internet cafe or library to print out your stuff.We don’t need to wait for a full set of requirements before we begin and we can collaborate with you over ideas and priorities while we work on the new system.We have already begun working on four components: student profiles, coursework management, small group teaching management and attendance recording. You will be able to pick and choose the elements of Tabula that you would like to use.Depending on how you write a coursework, your teacher will evaluate your participation. Writing a coursework should be a thoughtful process, for this assignment is a serious part of the grade on the course. Initial and refresher courses can only be counted once. Stand-alone IH-related exams may be used for IH coursework contact hours. Evidence of passing the exam, documentation of exam duration, and the exam blueprint for the version of the exam you have taken must be provided. Academic courses, continuing education courses, or a combination can be submitted.Stand-alone exams are those offered independently from other educational activities: examples include specialty or registry exams. One narrow scope continuing education contact hour can be counted for each hour of the IH component of the exam. One semester hour equals 15 academic contact hours or 20 continuing education contact hours.


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