Crash Racism Essay

The Jews were represented as the embodiment of absolute evil that had to be destroyed.As a result of such a police 7 million Jews were killed.Over time the world became much safer, however the initial fear of everything foreign and strange rooted deeply in the subconscious of many people.

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The term “racism” is closely related to another term “Xenophobia”.

Xenophobia is formed of the Greek words “xenos” that means “foreigner, stranger” and “phobos” that means “fear”.

There is no sense to remind you the myth about the Tower of Babel, everyone knows it.

We can only guess that on that tragic day people separating and going to different places had in their minds not only different languages, but also the germ of hatred to “foreigners” in their hearts.

It means it was formed long time ago when every strange, unknown, different person was potentially dangerous, was a carrier of a latent threat.

For self-preservation ancient people had no right to trust foreigners, they tried to make such a person go away or kill him.

The origins of the racial doctrine of human society appeared in the 19th century, when anthropology emerged – a new science that with the help of empirical methods tried to define human place in nature.

The stereotypes became widespread and it was considered that the variety of physical traits suggests the existence of mental, psychological and cultural differences.

Nominally “color slavery” was canceled in 1863 by Abraham Lincoln, but actually it was cancelled in 1865 with the 13th Amendment to the US Constitution.

However this fact did not cancel he racial discrimination, for more than 100 years blacks did not have equal rights with whites.


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