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If you found your theme in the process of writing, or realized that your narrative needs to hit certain beats to reach its complete arc, begin editing and revising the piece down from what might be a cumbersome starting point to a complete, powerful and (most importantly) intentional story. Your first and best resource is a writing community that is comprised of fellow writers that you trust to offer honest yet encouraging feedback.

Let it sit, give yourself some mental space from your creation, and then return with fresh and critical eyes. This is all well and good if everything is flowing along smoothly, but what happens when you hit a storm? Do you give up and let the story be lost in the tempest? Trained writers have resources and tools to combat these moments of darkness and confusion. He's a teacher, writer, father and amateur mountain man.

It can also be argued that it gives writers too much time and space.

Short stories can also contain rich settings and compelling characters, but they force efficiency upon a writer. Word count also works if you prefer that benchmark. It's important to not only know what you're writing about, but why you are writing. Understanding this allows you to map your scenes and character arc to the successful development of a cohesive idea.

You and your work are welcome.1) Drafts are preferred.

Submitting an unpublished story gives us the chance to work with the writer if necessary to polish the story, but .

We favor commentary that delivers a message less through exposition than through artistry.

The commentary we select is often lyrical, narrative, or poetic.

As a writer, spend some time reading the publication and checking out what the rest of the community is publishing in The CC.

If you believe your story would fit well alongside those other pieces, please submit.


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