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If your character is bossy and stubborn, show that. Readers should also be able to readily identify characters other than the main ones. His dialogue is constantly described as “drawling.” Ex.

It’s helpful to pick two or three adjectives or traits to identify a character with—especially when you have a large cast of characters. Rubeus Hagrid – giant, bearded, carries a pink umbrella.

Here are prompts you can use to flesh out your character. He began each day by squeezing out a strip of toothpaste exactly the diameter and length of his toothbrush.

Each character trait and detail you develop when you create a character reveals a different part of the character’s appearance or personality. The man was a dentist, a little pretentious, lived with his family, and liked order. After 5 minutes of vigorous brushing and a 30-second swish of minty mouthwash, he was ready to descend to the kitchen for breakfast with his family.

Character Profile Sheets are exactly what the name suggests.

They are simple worksheets which help you to create detailed and distinct personalities for your characters.Create a a list of a character’s basic information: name, age, nationality, religion, place of residence, place of origin, occupation, nicknames, etc.Such information is simple but can have important consequences.You may reproduce it for non-commercial use if you use the entire handout and attribute The University Writing Center, Texas A&M University.Characterization is the most important aspect of writing a book.Asking the following questions can help you determine how your characters develop as the story progresses.Remember that some characters change a lot and some only change a little. For instance, even though a character may learn to conquer a fear, he or she may still be quiet and unassuming at the end of the narrative.Whether it’s thriller, mystery, horror or even romance, you need strong characters to add depth to your story.And if you want to write a memorable book then characters are indeed as important to your story as the plot itself, irrespective of the genre.Creating believable and compelling characters is essential to much creative writing, from books and short stories, to biographies and poetry.The following exercises will help you create and develop your characters.


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