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The program offers two tracks: Sometimes, writing well means broadening your boundaries and taking risks; Oglethorpe offers a culture where such growth is always encouraged.

With small classes, and a dynamic, cross-genre curriculum, the environment is both creatively supportive and intellectually stimulating.

The Atlanta Writers Conference will be held from October 25 to October 26 at the Westin Atlanta Airport Hotel in Atlanta.

The conference features craft workshops, publishing panels, pitch sessions, and manuscript and query letter critiques for fiction writers, nonfiction writers, and graphic novelists.

The series includes courses in various aspects of Writing, Producing, Directing, and Acting.

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Aside from local ATL classes & workshops, Feinberg has also taken students to the Cannes Film Festival in France and to Cortona, Italy “Under the Tuscan Sun”.Our mission is to connect creatives across the state of Georgia and beyond, to uplift marginalized voices, facilitate accessibility within the community, and connect writers so that they can learn from each other.Whether you’re a novice writer who wants to learn more about craft or you’re an established, award-winning writer, we have resources and opportunities available so that you can both learn from and give back to your creative community.Our award-winning faculty of poets and fiction writers mentor undergraduate and graduate students who come to GSU to study the craft and art of writing, and to prepare for careers in writing, publishing, and academia.We award the Ph D in English, Concentration in Creative Writing (one of the top 15 in the US, as ranked by Poets & Writers); the Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing; and the Master of Arts in English, Concentration in Creative Writing.Knowing how to put your thoughts into words can help you do anything from gaining a promotion to making a friend.And if you want to improve your skill, the minor in writing is an ideal place to start.Our graduates are writing professionally and teaching writing in secondary schools around Atlanta and many other areas.We hope to accommodate more students and to have Writing Scholars and writing scholarship competitions, allowing talented students to travel to writing conferences and workshops where they will get first-rate teaching from very fine poets and story writers.Besides prose and poetry, we have Playwriting, Screenwriting, Adaptation from Prose to Screen and Television, Memoir, Autobiography, Writing the Personal Essay, and Long Form Essay.In Independent Studies, senior students can create brief storyboards and scripts for a TV advertisement, write and submit to an online literary magazine, interview the editor, and watch a contemporary documentary film and analyze it.


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