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Help your child make their very own picture books with this lovely app that’ll appeal to kids in the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1.The first step is to set up an author page by uploading a photo of your child.With its strapline of ‘imagine your own adventures’, this app helps children who find it hard to come up with ideas to get started with story writing.

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You can set a time limit for each step and challenge your child to write against the clock, or turn it off so they can take their time over their story.

You can also use the app for a Consequences-style game, passing the phone or tablet between you so a different person responds to each prompt.

The nifty feature is that if they don’t like what they’re offered, they just shake their device and it’ll generate a new selection of prompts. button to compose their story and share it with other kids (be warned: the app publishes the story as soon as they click Create my story, so make sure they’ve definitely finished writing! They can also read other stories created by children around the world in the Stories section.

The Night Zookeeper website, based on the series of books by Joshua Davidson, has inspired over 300,000 kids to develop their creative writing skills.

Your child’s challenge is to use these suggestions in their story.

You can choose how many steps to include, and if your child doesn’t like the given prompt, they can swap it for another.

After they’ve finished their magical adventure, they are given a writing mission: for example, to write a newspaper report about what they’ve experienced.

The app reminds them to look around closely and memorise the details they see to inspire their writing.

They can then get started with creating their storybook, typing in their text page by page or recording themselves telling their story out loud.

They can customise the colours, add drawings, photos from their device and stickers to each page, and compile and edit as many pages as they like.


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