Creative Writing Topics For Kids

Homeschool-friendly lesson plans show you exactly how to guide your struggling or motivated child through each part of the writing process.

Are your so-called “creative” writing exercises starting to seem a little mundane?

Describe a memorable experience from the perspective of your pet. A far different take than writing ideas that involve the common fantasy of falling into money, under what conditions would you refuse such a windfall?

This is one of the more entertaining writing ideas to spur creativity: if you were carted off in a straightjacket to the looney bin tomorrow morning, how would you prove your sanity?

Write about a familiar character who finds himself in an unfamiliar setting.5.

Create a craft, diorama, painting, sculpture, or other project and write a caption or short description about it.6. Take a stuffed animal, LEGO® figure, or plastic toy everywhere you go for a whole day.For added fun, print them on slips of paper and let the children draw one or two randomly.1. Combine two stories into one new story (“Goldilocks and the Big, Bad Wolf”) or make a big change in an existing story (“Snow White and the Seven Chimpanzees”).3.What could you do with an everyday item such as paper-towel tubes or an old sheet?Like adults, many children tend to get stuck when it comes to thinking of writing ideas on their own.We've all had writer's block at one point or another in our lives, so it's easy to understand the frustration students may experience.This encourages children to think more critically and consider unknown factors in the creation of their stories.You might also encourage students to think in terms of either the realistic or the fantastic.Now, write a sentence, poem, paragraph, or advertisement using all 6 words.14. Make a shopping list of 10 things you want your owner to pick up from the store.15. Change and reword the passage until it’s no longer about the original character, but about one of your friends or family members.18.Make Lists of 10: 10 superheroes, 10 places to visit, 10 books to read, 10 weird foods, 10 hobbies to try, 10 vehicles, etc. You can even make a list of 10 lists you would like to make! Pretend you have visited a historical place you’re studying about in your homeschool.Write a postcard to your family telling about one of your experiences.20. With at least one sibling or parent, write “round robin” style.You can use any writing prompt, or you can try a different kind of round robin by downloading this free Round Robin Adventure printable. Pass stories to the left and add to the story in front of you.


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