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This specialization goes through the elements of the three major creative writing genres: short story, essay, and memoir.Master the techniques required t compose a bracing story with memorable characters written in a fresh descriptive style.

Key USPs –– Learn the skills of creative writing with the help of some of Margaret Atwood’s original research and notes.– Analyze literary classics and understand the approaches to craft complex dystopias.– A workbook containing lesson recaps, assignments and supplemental materials is available for download.– Get support and feedback from the instructor.– Create compelling characters and bring them to life through detail.– Handle roadblock positively and write through them.

Duration: Self-paced Rating : 4.8 out of 5You can Sign up Here It is true that most of us have a story within us but most of the time the real struggle is putting that vision into words.

Upon the completion of the specialization, you will not only develop a stronger ability to write but critique writing in general and find inspiration in the works you are already reading.

Key USPs-– The complete program consists of 4 courses focused on the key aspects of writing and they can be taken in any order.– Master the craft of plot, character, setting, and description, and style.– In the final project draft a complete story, narrative essay or memoir of 8 – 15 pages.

Some of the interesting problems discussed in the lectures include challenges of the writing life, how to create a productive practice, deal with rejection, design a comfortable writing space and find an audience.

By the end of the course, you will gain the confidence to tell your story at your own pace.Her teaching is a glorious, energetic, engaged alchemy of encouragement, permission for wild creativity, and feet-on-the-ground, pencil-to-paper, lessons for organizing and writing your own story.I left this incredible day empowered to tell mine, and totally unafraid to let go of what does not fit into the narrative.I love that because I have always been unable to do it! Start with the process of identifying your story and the suitable format for it.Then develop it with the help of language, dramatic tension, story structure, editing and dialogue description.This class had me question some of my old habits, set new ones, and refocus on the way I research and tell stories.– Dean Campbell How would you like to get started with creative writing with notes and lectures from one of the top authors of the world?Key USPs –– Choose from a variety of courses including creative writing for impact, writing for consistency, creative writing fundamentals and essentials, writing stand out opening scenes and much more– Specific courses dedicated to help you understand the fundamentals of creative writing, advanced training on the subject among other classes– First month trial is at nearly zero cost and the monthly cost afterwards is also low, giving you high quality teaching with affordability– Thousands of students have already enrolled in various classes on the subject Rating : 4.7 out of 5You can Sign up Here Review : I’ve been working as a writer for over a decade.It’s a craft and like the stories I write, it’s a skillset that never reaches a finished state.I love all the amazing writers that are brought in through the Coursera community to teach and lecture!I really felt like I have pushed myself and learned something through taking these classes! Creators swear by the Skillshare platform since it allows them to take up thousands of courses around different aspects of creativity at a nominal fee.


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