Critical Thinking Paper Topics

Consider to open with an interesting statistics, intriguing fact, anecdote or compelling question.

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Professors usually grade these essays by the ability to develop a coherent argument while presenting strong writing skills. Here is a recipe for writing an effective critical thinking essay.

Your thesis is your main argument; your entire essay will be based upon this thesis, so take the time to prepare a powerful one.

Use your body paragraphs to discuss specific components and judge the value of a work you discuss in your essay.

You need to add a concluding paragraph that summarizes your arguments.

Consider this while writing: It is easy to choose the topics for critical essay type.

For example, you can choose a novel or a movie to discuss.It's not enough to say that something is “good” or “bad,” you need to explain what makes it so.Don't include obvious facts (The Great Gatsby was written by F.The point of a rough draft is to get your ideas on paper.Once they are there, you can deal with the superficial (though very important) problems.Your introduction should present your opinion and identify the main idea.Make the first paragraph of your essay really engaging to grab the reader's attention right from the first words.Just make sure that at this stage of writing you have your own position and are ready to analyze the points mentioned in your outline.Make sure that the first sentence of your essay gets right into your topic.Scott Fitzgerald) or your subjective opinion (The Great Gatsby is the greatest work of F.Scott Fitzgerald) into a thesis statement, instead present an argument that you can support with evidence.


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