Critical Thinking Presentation

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These are presentations in which faculty, educational administrators, professionals, government and military instructors and leaders, and advanced students share their experiences in bringing critical thinking into the teaching and learning process, into daily decision-making, and throughout organizations or departments.

Concurrent presenters may share their research in critical thinking, or their developed theory and application of critical thinking.

Focused on transforming education through the implementation of quality instructional practices, Ms.

Polka instigated and co-authored the Colorado Academic State Standards targeting research and reasoning based on the Paul-Elder framework.

They are essential to living the examined life; therefore, all participants should find them enriching and enlightening.

Concurrent Sessions are conducted by conference participants whose presentation proposals have been approved by Fellows of the Foundation for Critical Thinking.(In some instances, two or more Roundtable Discussions may be combined; in such cases, each Discussion leader will take turns presenting before the dialogue begins, and will take turns leading the dialogue.) All Roundtable Discussions take place concurrently.Participants are free to attend whichever ones they wish, and can move between discussions after initial presentations are finished.Like Concurrent Sessions, Roundtable Discussions are conducted by conference participants whose presentation proposals have been approved by Fellows of the Foundation for Critical Thinking.However, these discussions are held in circles, and are more discourse-based than other session types.You will receive a copy of the Roundtable program at the conference, and this program will also appear on this website as proposals are approved. The summit is organized by the ERASMUS project CRITHINKEDU, in cooperation with the Foundation for Critical Thinking.The meeting will unite higher-education researchers and educators, deans, student support agencies, policymakers, and employers eager to invest in critical thinking education.same time as more advanced Focal Sessions (when registering for the conference online, attendees will be asked to choose which sessions they want to attend).Each Plenary Session is led by a Senior Fellow of the Foundation for Critical Thinking.She has coauthored four books, including 30 Days to Better Thinking and Better Living through Critical Thinking and Critical Thinking: Tools for Taking Charge of Your Professional and Personal Life, as well as 24 Thinker's Guides on critical thinking.Concerned with understanding and illuminating the relationship between thinking and affect, and the barriers to critical thinking, Dr.


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