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That includes photographs, magazine articles, commercials, video/film clips, social media messages, TV programs and much more (yes, even bumper stickers and slogans on t-shirts).The Center for Media Literacy offers a downloadable “Media Lit Kit” that elaborates on each of Thoman’s questions as well as five parallel media literacy core concepts.

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Here’s how to transform your questions and grow critical thinkers.The theme of this latest “media literacy” column is taken from a bumper sticker I saw recently on the back of a car in front of me (below). But have they wondered what the implications might be for them?You might agree that understanding bumper stickers is also media literacy. It’s not clear who produced the bumper sticker or the slogan. When I talk to people, mostly those in education, they agree that their students simply don’t think critically nor do they ask good questions.The Amsterdam art museum where this snapshot was taken has created a special app with questions for students.The museum even installed benches making it easier for them to respond, after being introduced to the Rembrandt classic by a docent.► What happens if we don’t teach critical thinking?► In what ways are you teaching “critical thinking skills” in your classroom? They may have heard about the “nation’s deficit” in the news.They also seem to be in agreement that the teaching of “critical thinking skills” is lacking in most instruction. ) The rise in fake news – fed by those who fall for it and repost such misinformation in social media – has called attention to the lack of critical thinking by many of today’s readers, including our students.These tasks are intended for flexible classroom use.” 6 Critical Thinking Assessment Rubrics for Measuring What Matters How do we know when our learners are thinking critically?Critical thinking assessment can be tricky to perform because it encompasses such broad skills.


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