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Later on Page 70 and 73 when Crooks opens up to Lennie about his childhood on his father’s farm, he becomes reminiscent of when he used to play along with the white kids without being teased or excluded for his skin-colour and this illustrates to the reader that Crooks misses those old days and longs for them to have stayed true, to be of equal status with the ‘other’ people yet it’s an unachievable goal.The fact that Crooks, ‘went on dreamily’ when returning to his childhood on Page 73 makes the reader realise that his memories are the only thing that keeps him mentally going because of his longing to return to the plain and equal life he used to live.This is important to analyse as it reflects to the reader what emotions Steinbeck thought of black people during his time and how they must feel to be discriminated.

We therefore see that being around someone for once has brought out his true personality.

Crook's is envious of Lennie's relationship with George.

George takes care of Lennie and they have a companionship.

Deep within him he wants the warmth of togetherness in his life, relising lennie has this creates a burning streak of jealousy inside him.

Even though Crooks is not made relevant throughout the book he holds a special significance in the book. Therefore Crook's is a vital character in Of Mice and Men, Steinbeck not only illustrates him as a representation of division of colour in this time period but also shows that through Crooks other outcasts in the book have been discovered to want and need the same things that people just like Crooks deserve.

He is a victim of an individual type of loneliness. He has had a cruel life and been very badly treated, which had caused him to become so bitter.Also the fact that he owns multiple-reading books and the ranch men do not show that he may be the most intellectual person on the ranch but it still discriminated for it making his intellect a wasted skill. Crooks does this because of his lack of rights and those that he does have must be taken for granted (like his room light, which Lennie was attracted to) and be protective of otherwise he will stand for nothing in his already lonely and unnecessary life (in his opinion).The next sign of emotion towards Crooks is on the bottom of Page 67 when he warns Lennie about entering his room; he says sharply, ‘‘You got no right to come in my room. However, he makes pauses in his speech to hint to Lennie that he secretly wants company but is still wary of a white man’s presence (little does Crooks know that Lennie is too naive to discriminate).The fact that he lives by himself and not with the ranch men because of his supposed lack of right tells us that the ranch men feel it’s wrong to come in contact with Crooks just because of his skin colour.This makes Crooks instantly seem like a sad and lonely character because he is unable to share his life and communicate properly with other people.Crooks has got a indulgant heart, he just chooses to hide it through anger and displeasure considering that's the only way he knows how to express his feelings.He would not naturally be distant towards people if he were not racially segregated from others.He uses Lennie's lack of knowledge to his advantage by taunting Lennie about George leaving him."'S' pose George don't come back no more" His misery and envy brings out his cruelty.Subsequently, Chapter 4 opens with Crook's being a "proud and aloof man" to having racial superior over Lennie to finally having nothing.His dream of living with the other men is shattered by Curlys Wife putting him in his place.


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