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If the main accuser was gone, having stolen money – which in those days must have been a severe crime, more tangible than sending one’s spirit to hurt another in the night – would it not stand to reason that perhaps her testimony should be brought into question?Yet such an idea never arose and the men who held the lives in the sway of their judgment continued on their oblivious path toward false sentencing and ultimately, murder.

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If Abigail’s reasoning was illogical and her motives impure, her methods definitely tipped the scale against her character.Perhaps Abigail was truly deluded, or perhaps very good at playing the part, even to John Proctor.It is almost that, by that point in time, she had gone so far that, whether she believed in her lie or was deliberately faking it the whole time, she knew it would be suicide to stop there.Raised with little love and little true understanding of the world around them, these women’s only survival was in their obedience to rules that in many cases were neither logical nor biblical.Both women were beset by fear: Elizabeth by fear that she was unloved and could never truly be loved for who she was; Abigail, by fear that if she didn’t take matters into her hands, her life would be spent alone and unhappy.She was willing to let numerous innocent people be accused and die, and in many cases was the one sitting in the seat of the accuser.Having the story written as a novel would have been helpful at this point, because the only glimpse into Abigail’s point of view is the discussion she had with John Proctor, which was for a time cut from the story by Arthur Miller.In the end, Elizabeth discovered that she truly was loved.Perhaps it was too little and too late, but her husband loved her.Her perspective and existence was a product of that upbringing, though she was likely blind to it herself.In this respect, Elizabeth’s character was not much different from Abigail’s.


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