Day Care Business Plans

The staff at the Clubhouse is qualified in Early Childhood Education; each teacher plays an important role.

We always keep in mind that children learn through example and often mirror adults.

The teacher will provide the parent with a weekly goal, in keeping with the learning environment.

Parents are always welcome to take part in classroom activities and share ideas with teachers who are always happy to discuss concerns or answer questions.

Along with teacher instruction, the child will have the opportunity to develop his or her own hands–on learning style, giving the child the chance to learn at his or her own pace, allowing them to master a skill that which they are comfortable.

Teachers will provide the parent with a weekly goal sheet encouraging parents to take part in the weekly lesson and reinforce the daily learning experience at home.

Our infant/toddler class will encourage the children to explore and discover his or her world daily.

This will be accented with the use of sensory activities and language development (children will learn by "doing").

There has long been a shortage for quality daycare due to the lack of availability of a competent location.

However, a location now has become vacant and is perfect for the Company.


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