Democratic Peace Thesis International Relations

Democratic Peace Thesis International Relations-36
In most literature on the this topic the two main views or interpretations of this theory (Normative logic & Institutional logic)Democratic Peace Theory The concept of the Democratic Peace Theory is based on the idea that whether states are likely to go to war or choose peace depends on the type of political system they have.

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In my opinion there is better transparency in the Institutional logic, for this reason I have based my essay on why I think this is the case with reference to many studies carried out over the last half a century.

Few findings in political science have been scrutinized so closely as the “democratic peace,” the identification that democracies almost never fight other democracies (Doyle 1983; Russett 1993).

Le democrazie sono in grado di proiettare i propri valori interni in politica estera solo quando trattano con altre democrazie.

Quando si rapportano con stati non liberali, al contrario, mostrano comportamenti autocratici.

They share common values, norms, expectations and culture (political culture) that binds them together. To be sure, the members of this inner circle are not all part of a homogenous social cultural milieu.

They share, though, a common political culture that is stronger in its effects on the mutual interactions between them.

To some, the truancy of military conflict among democracies is so invariable that it approaches the status of an “empirical law” (Levy 1988) Some authors and theorists have strived to explain the democratic peace by drawing attention to the role of public opinion.

One of the most persuasive international relations theories is Democratic Peace Theory (DPT).

2) Dyadic; This version is the most accepted amongst theorists, very peaceful among one another, only likely to go to war against non allies.

3) Systematic; This is a union of states like the UN or NATO.


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