Dental Business Plan

The industry’s growth rate is estimated to be 2.6 percent.This increase is contributed to many factors, of which one is the increase in education and prosperity of the population.

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The success or failure of a business totally depends upon its marketing strategy which can only be developed on the basis of accurate marketing analysis.

Therefore, it must be considered before you develop your dental office startup business plan. Spear acquired the services of marketing experts to carry out the marketing analysis for his dental office business plan.

Spear’s Dental Clinic is a sole proprietorship owned by Dr. The company’s main management framework comprises of sales executives, dentists, and nurses.

Our customers include people from all age groups such as children, teens, adults and senior citizens but children and teens will form the bulk of our customers since they are most likely to have dental problems. Spear is a famous dentist who has been practicing in Boston for more than 6 years. Spear decided for a dental office start up to make profits in this industry while also serving the community.

As per the population distribution, around 21.9% of the population is below 19 years of age, 14.3% are from 20-24, 33.2% are from 25-44, 20.4% are from 45-64, and 10.1% are more than 65 years of age.

Analyzing the demographics is important since it gives you an idea of the market segmentation of your future customers.

This group is most likely to have dental problems like incorrect or misaligned jaw position, jaw joint disorder, under-bite, overbite, missing teeth, extra teeth, and crowded or crooked teeth.

Moreover, due to their unhealthy habits like smoking, excessive intake of sweeteners, oral piercings for wearing jewelry, they are also frequently affected by other dental problems.

According to the American Dental Association (ADA), dental clinics are the 3rd highest category of the startup businesses which are most likely to survive.

Dentists are among the highest earning professionals in the United States and their average income lies in the United States’ highest 8 percent incomes.


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