Develop Critical Thinking

i Thoughts X allows you to import from other tools like Concept Draw, Mind Manager, and XMind, as well as from OPML and CSV formats.

Bold images are much more memorable than small insignificant ones, for example.

Both i Thoughts X and XMind allow you to create mind maps on your Mac.

When you’re ready to develop your ideas and arguments and share them, Aeon Timeline can help structure them.

Primarily designed as a tool for visualizing creating creative writing projects, or for business planning, it’s also useful for developing ideas.

Studies, for example, allows you to make notes on cards and include information in the form of images and videos, allowing you to gather supporting evidence onto same card as the main idea.

Ulysses is primarily a tool for writing but you can use it to take notes and by gathering separate notes together in a project you can build an argument.

You can take screenshots from within the app and use it to organize them, making it a great research tool.

Tag images and the filter using those tags, so you can see images that form arguments or ideas next to each other.

You can tag notes and filter them so that you see all the notes associated with a topic or idea together.

And you can use colour-coding to help organize them.


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