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Instead, it is a place to consolidate the core material of the thesis with supporting peripheral content.

Supplementary materials can come in a wide variety of content forms, including formulas, questionnaires, diagrams, maps, charts, tables, figures, pictures or whatever else might aid your thesis.

Usually, different types of information will be catalogued into separate appendices.

For instance you may have a selection of images, on the one hand, and a selection of (links to) audio clips, on the other.

You want to be selecting items which support and so strengthen your case.

Dissertation Appendix Simple Thesis Statements

The Appendices, then, are a critical tool which works as a complement to the core argument and a point of reference for the reader.It is best practice, though, to keep the additional content to a reasonable quantity, only including items which will significantly add to the reader's understanding of the research.Remember, any material included in the thesis will constitute a part of the overall argument.Generally, but not always, the Dissertation Appendices are where raw data would be found.The point of adding this material at the end is so not to disrupt the fluency of the thesis body by interposing overly detailed materials mid-text, thus breaking the flow and distracting the reader.Consider that, if you have conducted qualitative interview or questionnaire-based research for your study, you may have twenty-plus pages of raw data that you need to include with your thesis.Positioning this vast amount of material in the middle of the dissertation would not only be illogical it would be cumbersome and disruptive.As a consequence, the Appendices represent for the reader a (a potentially quite welcome) break from a vast block of text.Accordingly, while sticking strictly to relevant materials, be creative with the Appendices you include.If presented tidily and logically, Appendices can make for a colourful and engaging addition to a piece of academic writing.This is especially the case where visual content (photographs, paintings, pictures) are in question.


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