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Thesis Statement: Influence comes with an onerous price. Damage is determined by the way in which one is affected by inevitable outside influences. Henry’s philosophical ideas also result in Basil’s downfall as an artist because he loses his inspirational muse. At this point, “Totally under Lord Henry’s spell, this refined young man with high ideals adopts his mentor’s words to the best of his ability” (Aubrey 2).

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When she drops her artistic talent, Dorian discards her immediately because she no longer radiates the creative beauty he loves.

Since she grasped him so tightly, losing him was more than she could bear.

Canonical literature is writing that influences people decision, way of life and behavior.

The writing does not age and can stand test of time. Such writings should show values that are related to real or human experiences and thoughts towards decisions and also engagement.(Daniel and Wild,2009).

When Dorian damps his lover because she cannot act any more she commits suicide. Dorian wants to kill anybody who is out to expose his real personality.

An angry brother of his dead lover, Sibyl, wants to kill him because he broke heart of his sister. Awareness of outside influences is arduous to achieve, considering the numerous ways these stimuli are presented. Lord Henry Wotton says that there is “something terribly enthralling in the exercise of influence” (39), which may be the reason he styles an instrument out of Dorian Gray. The novel begins with descriptions of the opulent setting such as “the rich odor of roses” and “long tussore-silk curtains” (Wilde 1), indicating that beauty will significantly influence the novel.The renewal of the portrait clearly shows the aspect of karma.(Stanley,2000). The Picture of Dorian Gray is an exemplary piece of literature as the characters themes and plot clearly depict things that can influence modern culture and contemporary way of life.Cultural beliefs and obligations are also evident in the novel and can be compared to the modern times. Strong and wealthy individuals influence major decisions of the land. From the explanations above, each aspect or lesson showed in the novel is significant to human needs, reactions and perspectives. Dorian’s realization of his own beauty because of the portrait. The novel is situated in the influential late-eighteenth century where a pure soul practically cannot elude the deleterious guidance of English society. The fall of the protagonist Dorian Gray depicts the way in which individuals are susceptible to deterioration by way of foreign factors.(Joseph, 2008), this can be based on money one has acquired, the education or talent in a certain field. Throughout the novel, there is little or no sense or evidence of old crafts or behaviorsthat cannot be seen in the current life. The novel was written over a hundred years ago, yet it still displays current human behavior and thoughts.(Wild and Moira,2005). This setting can be considered to be normal, and it is what can ordinarily happen in life.People with special education, such as chemists, for example, are sought for. In the current life, chemists have a certain education and can therefore carry out specific tasks.(Wild,2007). Assuredly, damage is determined by the way in which one is affected by inevitable outside influences. Wilde characterizes Lord Henry Wotton, Basil Howard, and the portrait of Dorian Gray as contributors to Dorian’s tragic downfall, which suggests influence comes with an onerous price.


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